Mr. Besim Abdullai

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Biznesi Elektronik (e-Business),, 2008

Libri i përpiluar për nevojat e Studentëve nga viti i parë deri në vitin e katërt të Studimeve. 

Fakulteti Ekonomik, Universiteti Shtetëror i Tetovës (USHT)

Fakulteti i Administrim Biznesit, Universiteti i Evropës Jug- Lindore (UEJL)

Information Systems ProjectLAP Lambert Academic Publishing (February 1, 2010), 

ISBN-13: 978-3838341170

This book includes both theoretical information about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology; comparisons with other technologies; plus real life applications profiles. This book, more or less, is organized in such a way that it supports Experts opinion about how RFID can be implemented, particularly in Supply Chain Management, and therefore, is focused in logistics issues without over-passing other important areas. Part 1 of this paper contains basic information about RFID technology and presents how this technology works. Part 2 of this paper contains detail analysis of other automatic identification technologies and the level of competitiveness vis a vis RFID. Part 3 of this paper presents an original idea, and it illustrates an example of a warehouse organized via RFID systems and "state of the art" or AI supporting equipments.